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bathroom pic poop in toilet girl fail. LOL

Girl takes a self pic in bathroom with big turd in toilet. LOL

You just failed girl with poop. LOL

Girl takes bathroom pic with shit in the toilet.Another Girl with similar poop fail problems.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q2YMLQAAH2SHRUHQ2QOUONDU74 leeza

    ahahahaaa..not just the turd in the toilet..but her weird pose and the shitty, nasty, crusty clothes all over the shitty floor..how the FUCK is she EVER going to live this down?..TOO TOO funny

    • I’m Awesome

      youre face is nasty. shouldnt you be picking on someone your own age? you look like youre 40

      • You FAIL

        why are you so mad? Are you one of the idiots in the picture?

        • ItsTorayy

          Ha you made a comment about her so chill… and your probaly 60!!!

  • Khsdkfs

    LOLL ! XD wierd thing that the shit stick to the wall its so nasty +_+ EWW XD 

    • Fhybg

      Oh yeah and learn proper english!

  • http://www.facebook.com/battle.toad.397 Battle Toad

    I’ll bet Obama built that!

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