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Hey, Where’d You Get That Heroin Burrito?

If you keep up with the LAPD police, or perhaps are just are a civic-minded Mexican food lover, you might have heard about the Los Angeles County deputy who was recently charged with trying to smuggle a bean and cheese burrito filled with heroin into the Airport Courthouse.

An indictment unsealed Wednesday said Deputy Henry Marin, 27, received the burrito from an unidentified conspirator while he was stationed in 2010 at a county courthouse, with the intention of helping transport the drugs into a jail. He pleaded not guilty.

"Burrito Deputy"

'Burrito' deputy flunked out of academy on reality TV show

Marin is accused of conspiracy to commit crime. The indictment, which was unsealed Wednesday, also accuses Marin of conspiring with at least two other people to transport narcotics into the jail.

Marin surrendered Wednesday morning at the sheriff’s department. He has been relieved of duty and was released on $25,000 bail, and a promise to buy the entire station a burrito each for their troubles.

He is expected to appear at a Feb. 16 pretrial hearing.

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