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Idiot jerk sends nude picture of teenage girl to everyone on her contact list. Parenting FAIL.

Eugene Foster’s girlfriend’s teen daughter will probably think twice before she takes naked pictures of herself on her cell phone. That’s because Foster taught her a “lesson” Wednesday night by sending naked photos of the girl to dozens of contacts stored in her cell phone.

Sent his girlfriends teenage daughters nude picture to everyone on her contact list.

Sent his girls friends teenage daughters nude picture to everyone on her contact list.

Many of those who received the image were the girl’s friends at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley.

Authorities say Foster, 31, found the photo’s on the girl’s phone Wednesday night. To teach her a lesson, he sent the image to 37 of the contacts stored in the girl’s phone.

Dana Hawman, Florence Unified School District director of public relations, said that authorities are not certain which students received the photograph.

“We do not know who all of those contacts were, and cannot assume that they were restricted to any one school or grade level,” Hawman said, according to KPHO. “In fact, we believe some of these contacts were parents.”

The district quickly distributed a message urging parents to explain to their children that “sharing nude photos of minors via text, email or Interent is in violation of child pornography laws. If you or your child has received this or similar messages, please delete immediately.”

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