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Weirdo Turns His Taxidermied Cat Into A Quadrocopter

Weirdo Turns His Taxidermied Cat Into A Quadrocopter

Weirdo Turns His Taxidermied Cat Into A Quadrocopter

What kind of a sick fuck does it take to even come up with such a thing. This crazy Son of a bitch took his dead cat and turned it into something that should never have been. What bad childhood memories conjured up this frightening creation? What evil sorcery could explain doing this to your once beloved household pet?

We may never know, but enjoy the pics.

Flying Dead Cat

Flying Dead Cat

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=512024613 Dell M.

    im speachless. i love my cat. but this is both apalling and hillarious.

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