Where did it start?

Getting lost in the middle of the ocean is not something that anybody wants to experience. However, it is always a possibility for those who take a boat far out into the sea. Many people wonder what it would be like to find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean. In fact, there are a number of books, movies, and television shows that seek to answer that very question.

There are some things in life that we don’t appreciate until we no longer have them. Simple foods such as bread, milk, and cheese aren’t the type of thing you can find out in the ocean. And when you start to realize that you don’t have even the smallest comforts of home, that’s when things can really get interesting.

Jose Salvador Alvarenga is one of the few people to have survived such an ordeal. He was washed out to sea in his tiny boat – and he became a real-life castaway. This is his story.